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Fitness & Health

Tennis Club Bonnevoie


As one of the biggest tennis Clubs in Luxemburg we have decided to expand our Club – as of 01-10-2019 we introduce our new Health Club.

We are a Club that cares a lot about our current members as well as new members and this is one way to show it. 

Our main goal is to create more awareness about health, wellness and help you and show you the way to a better balanced Lifestyle.




Our Health Club will help you to:


  • Get stronger both mentally and physically
  • Learn about nutrition and healthy foods
  • Reduce stress
  • Spend more time with family members and friends


“We want our Club to stay fit, strong and healthy for life.”




As of 01-10-2019 we will offer the following Program


#Group Classes


Tour de CORE (All level)

 We say “The Core is the Source” to get fitter and stronger. This class is a Full body workout with focus on your Core and Balance, and of course a REAL challenge for your ABS.



MeltDown (intermediate to advanced)

A crossfit inspired class to improve your strength and cardio training.  You get a full body workout and in this Class you have the chance to really push your limits.



HIIT Circuit (all level)

This is a high intensity workout that will help you tone and shred. Circuits is a high energy and fast-paced class which involves working your way around different exercise stations performing each exercise as many times as you can in a set amount of time.



  • The sessions are accessible to members of the TC Bonnevoie (membership card 30€ per year).
  • Registration can be done by package of 10 sessions or by unit





. When you register, we will send you an invoice for a fixed price of 10 Sessions to be paid within 8 days.
. A physical card of 10 sessions will be given to you by Mira (or the coach) during your first lesson.
. After each course, Mira (or the coach) will be making a mark on your card.
. Packages are not refundable. Unused sessions can be transferred to another member who has paid his membership fee.
. A cancellation of a course less than 24 hours before the course will not be refundeble.
. For further information, please contact Mira (fitness manager) or the secretariat.

. An individual ticket can also be purchased in advance at the secretariat.

. The individual ticket will be payed on site before the course. 


. For further information or questions please contact Mira (fitness manager) and 671 015 205






To be introduced in the future (Senior Morning or Lunch club, Outdoor BootCamp, running club, Pilates, yoga, mobi-streach and spinning .. and the list can continue..)








The classes we offer are easy to join, all levels and ages, you get in shape fast and if you are a new tennis player or a non tennis player this is a perfect addition to your current Tennis training.

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