Our team

A team of qualified coaches is available full time from Monday to Saturday. Whatever you require we endeavour to find the answer. The team wishes you a successful future in tennis.


The coaches

Laurent Marty TCB General Manager

FLT Head Coach 1993-2008

Patrick ARGIOLAS Sports Director

AFT (Belgium) Coach level 3 FFT (France) Coach level 2

(Français) Sami SIDIA (Français) Enseigant responsable des stages

(Français) Entraineur diplômé DTB et Fédération Suédoise de Tennis

(Français) Joris PIPERE (Français) Enseignant

(Français) Entraineur diplômé Fédération Française de Tennis

(Français) Mira SIDIA

(Français) Responsable du pôle santé et fitness au TCB

Simon Seuillot Tennis coach

Awarded first class degree from France


Diploma in coaching from the French Tennis Federation. Ranked number 15 in France and 170th in the WTA.

Steve Hoffmann Responsible for workshops and tennis 'rassemblements' /informal mini tournaments.

First class degree in coaching awarded by the Belgian Tennis Federation.

Benoît Flock Responsible for workshops and rassemblements

First class tennis qualification in coaching from the Belgian Tennis Federation

Gaylor JARRY Coach

FFT (France) Coach level 1

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Rue Anatole France, 115 L-1530, Bonnevoie, Luxembourg.


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