Board of directors

Supervisory and Executive Board of Directors


Members of the Board meet regularly to discuss, not just weekly issues, but all matters relating to club life, and taking decisions concerning its future positive development.


The board of directors

Bosman Didier Member

Management of EIB

Wolff Sarah Member

Events coordinator/English editing of website

Martin Annick Secretary

Ceccaroni Roberto Vice President

Roth Guillaume Finance and communications

Hatto Claude President

Supervisory Board

Gaasch François

Supervisory Board

Germeaux Guy

Supervisory Board

About our site

Bonnevoie's Tennis club welcomes you on our website. You will find everything you need to know about the club's staff, location, facilities and links to Luxembourg's tennis world. Happy surfing...

Contact details

Rue Anatole France, 115 L-1530, Bonnevoie, Luxembourg.


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